Translation Registry

The AWSS Translation Registry was a pilot project undertaken in the mid-2000s to compile a record of translations and translations-in-progress into English of works by women authors of Eastern Europe and countries in the territory of the former Soviet Union. The Registry had two purposes: first to allow translators of such works to register a translation in progress so that other translators can avoid duplication; and second to let professors who are creating syllabi know what works by women writers of these countries are available in English. Unfortunately, the task of updating the Registry regularly, became unmanageable, and the project has been discontinued. The Bibliography, with entries through 2005, is still accessible, however; see below.

How to Access the Registry and Bibliography

Click here to access the AWSS Translation Registry and Bibliography.

How the Registry and Bibliography is Organized

Transliteration: The registry/bibliography uses modified Library of Congress transliteration of Cyrillic to make it easier to find works and authors in U.S. library catalogs. Almost all U.S. library catalogs use the Library of Congress transliteration system.

Authors' Names: While authors often sign their works with different variants of their names, as well as with pseudonyms, in the interest of clarity this registry/bibliography uses the one form of each author's name established by the Library of Congress. U.S. libraries also catalog an author's works under the Library of Congress form. Knowing this form makes it easier to find works and authors in U.S. library catalogs. The version of an author's name that the Library of Congress has decided to use, however, sometimes seems arbitrary and counterintuitive. Where necessary, the registry/bibliography provides cross-references to other forms of the name (e.g., Allegro, see Solov'eva, Poliksena ; Khvoshchinskaia, Nadezhda, see Krestovskii, V.).

Anthologies: The "Anthologies" headings refer to anthologies of works by women authors, or anthologies in which a significant number of women authors appear. The entries for such anthologies list all the women authors included in each anthology. In addition, the specific works appearing in each anthology are cross-listed under the individual author.

Titles in the Original Language: The original title of a translated work is noted if it is supplied in the translation or if readily available.

Translations in Progress: Translations in progress are cross-listed in the "In Progress" folder, and also by individual author, by country and, if necessary, by century.

How to Search the Registry and Bibliography

  1. For quick one or two word searches: Enter your search terms (without "and") on the right side of the upper tool bar in the box labeled "Search Refshare." Click on "Go." You will get all entries by relevancy, i.e., first those entries with both search terms, and then those entries with either term. Search terms will be highlighted. NB Use author search (no. 2 below) if a name has diacritics. The quick search is diacritic-sensitive, and will not bring up Ukraïnka, for example, if you type in Ukrainka.
  2. For author or translator searches: Put cursor on "Search" (first on the top tool bar) and click on "Lookup by Author" on the drop down menu. Search by letter of the alphabet, clicking on "Next" at lower right corner of the screen when necessary.
  3. For periodical searches: Put cursor on "Search" (first on the top tool bar) and click on "Lookup by Periodical." Search by letter of the alphabet.
  4. To compile your own bibliography of translations by century/country in MLA style with notes. You can see the list of the geographical and chronological folders to choose from by going to "View" on the top toolbar and putting cursor on "folder" in the drop down menu.
    1. Select the desired folder
    2. Click on "All in list" (right below the name of the folder)
    3. Click on "Create Bibliography" (under" All in list")
    4. Choose "File type to create" on drop down menu—usually Word for Windows or Word for Mac
    5. Click on "Create bibliography." You can print out the bibliography or e-mail it to yourself
  5. For multi-term searches: Go to Search (first on top tool bar), and click "Advanced" on the drop down menu. Check appropriate boxes.
  6. Please let us know if you notice any mistakes in the bibliographic entries so that we can correct them. You can do so by going to "Help" (third from left on toolbar) and choosing "e-mail database owner")


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