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Business Development: Eastern Europe
Classroom Tools
Cyrillic Fonts
Eastern European & Regional Websites
Feminist/Gender/Women's Studies
Human Rights
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Slavic Studies Mega Sites

The American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies

Post-Soviet Study Resources on the Internet
courtesy of Dr.Mark Cichock


WebMuseum Network
Special exhibits and "famous Paintings." Select the mirror site closest to you for faster access (sites are worldwide - even Moscow)

AWSS Member Home Pages

Sibelan Forrester's Home Page
Russian, poetry, Syllabi for Russian language and literature courses, links in Slavics, and Tsvetaeva * Tsvetaeva * Tsvetaeva

Business Development: Eastern Europe

World Trade Organization

Classroom Tools

AATSEEL Committee on College & Pre-College Russian Database
Contains information on text and supplementary materials for teaching Russian language and culture.

The Society for the Promotion of LGBTQ Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies (Q*ASEEES)  Sample Syllabi for Diverse Courses on Queer Eastern Europe

Check it out, spread the word to colleagues and students who may be interested in these topics, and contribute your course outlines in any language to the collection. Materials will be regularly updated.

Cyrillic Fonts

Cyrillicize Windows for Windows 95/98/2000 Computers

Eastern European & Regional Websites

Global Lithuanian Net

Feminist/Gender/Women's Studies

Artemis Guide to Women's Studies in the U.S.

Gender and Transformation in Europe Workshop

Femina Web Search for Women (Sites for, by and about women)
The first and largest search directory of female friendly sites on the World Wide Web


Links to Folklore and Other Web Pages of Interest
Courtesy of the Slavic and East European Folklore Association (SEEFA)

Human Rights

British Helsinki Human Rights Group
Monitoring the development of democracy and the human rights situation in the former communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe.


The following links may provide some insight into current job trends or may stir up some new ideas for your own career path.

The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network
Academic (including community colleges) and non-academic job listings.



Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst
A publication of The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute of The Johns Hopkins University-The Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas
The Yearbook for the History of Eastern Europe

Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History
A journal dedicated to critical inquiry into the history of Russia and Eurasia. Intended to continue the tradition established by an earlier journal, Kritika, A Review of Current Soviet Books on Russian History, published at Harvard University from 1964 to 1984

Mir istorii [World of History]
A Russian-language electronic journal

Slavic Review
American quarterly of Russian, Eurasian and East European studies. The journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies [AAASS]

Library Collections

American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES)
ABSEES covers North American scholarship on Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet Union.

In German; contains records (mostly articles) from international and Austrian women's studies literature (approx. 10,000) from the holdings of the Austrian National Library in Vienna.

Bobst Library at New York University (Slavic Studies Resources)

Helsinki University Library (The National Library of Finland)

Library of Congress (Czech and Slovak Collections)

Library of Congress (Hungarian Collections)

Library of Congress (Polish Collections)

Library of Congress (Russian Collections)

Library of Congress (South Slavic Collections)

Library of Congress (Ukrainian Collections)

Rossiiskaia gosudarstvennaia biblioteka (Russian State Library) [Moscow]

Rossiiskaia natsional'naia biblioteka (National Library of Russia) [Saint Petersburg]

RussGUS: Regionalwissenschaftliche Datenbank f�r den Nachweis von Literatur mit Bezug auf Russland, die UdSSR und ihre Nachfolgestaaten
RussGUS: Database of German-Language Materials on Russia and the Former Soviet Union

Stanford University Libraries (Slavic and East European Collections)

University of Chicago Library (Slavic and East European Resources)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Slavic and East European Library)

University of Minnesota Library (Russian and Central European Area Studies)

University of Washington University Libraries (Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies) (REECAS)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries (Russian, East European, and Central Asian Collections) (REECA Web)

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: REESWeb (Russian and East European Internet Resources)

Yale University (Slavic and East European Collections)


A listserv devoted to scholarly consultation about the life and times and impact of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia (1729-96). We welcome participation from scholars in many fields and accept contributions in English as well as Catherine's main modern Western languages: Russian, German, and French.

PraxNex - Praxis Nexus: Feminist Activism
A discussion list devoted to issues and concerns feminists have about 'doing' feminism. It also is a network for the circulation of information regarding feminist activism and praxis.

To join, please send a message to with a message in the body of the text "sub praxnex Your Name".

Lurana O'Malley, University of Hawaii, Manoa, moderates an e-mail discussion list on Russian and East European Theatre and Drama.

To subscribe, send an email message to LISTPROC@HAWAII.EDU.

The message itself should contain one line:

SUBSCRIBE RUSSTHEA-L <first name> <last name>

Literature & Culture

The Center of Religious Literature and Russian Publications Abroad
The Center publishes New Religious Literature in Russia, a monthly bulletin published since March 2000).

Dazhbog's Grandsons
Sergei Naumov's page on Russian culture

Shakhmatnyi portal(Chess Portal)

The State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia)


A Journey to Moscow: The Moscow City Tourist Office On-line

Moskovskii kreml' (Moscow Kremlin)

Offitsial'nyi server pravitel'stva Moskvy
Official Server of the Moscow Government


Aquarium's Very Own Page

A Collection of Russian Music
Courtesy of Dazhdbog's Grandchildren

News from Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, and the Former Soviet Union (BBC Service Sites are archived and not active.)

BBC Albanian Service (includes audio) (in Albanian)

BBC Azeri Service (includes audio) (in Azeri)

BBC Bulgarian Service (includes audio) (in Bulgarian)

BBC Croatian Service (includes audio) (in Croatian)

BBC Czech Service (includes audio) (in Czech)

BBC Hungarian Service (includes audio) (in Hungarian)

BBC Kazakh Service (includes audio) (in Kazakh)

BBC Kyrgyz Service (includes audio) (in Kyrgyz)

BBC Macedonian Service (includes audio) (in Macedonian)

BBC Polish Service (includes audio) (in Polish)

BBC Romanian Service (covers Moldova and Romania) (includes audio) (in Romanian)

BBC Russian Service (includes audio) (in Russian)

BBC Serbian Service (includes audio) in (Serbian)

BBC Slovak Service (includes audio) (in Slovak)

BBC Slovene Service (includes audio) (in Slovenian)

BBC Ukrainian Service (includes audio) (in Ukrainian)

BBC Uzbek Service (includes audio) (in Uzbek)

Internews Armenia (in English and Russian)

Internews Network Kyrgyz Republic (in English and Russian)

Internews Tajikistan (in English and Russian)

The Moscow Times

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL)

The Prague Post (English)

Scola (Check the schedule and then watch the news on-line via a live video stream).

Voice of America (VOA)

VOA Albanian Program Audio (in Albanian)

VOA Armenian Program Audio (in Armenian)

VOA Azeri Program Audio (in Azeri)

VOA Bosnian Program Audio (in Bosnian)

VOA Georgian Program Audio (in Georgian)

VOA Macedonian Program Audio (in Macedonian)

VOA Russian Program Audio (in Russian)

VOA Serbian Program Audio (in Serbian)

VOA Ukrainian Program Audio (in Ukrainian)

VOA Uzbek Program Audio (in Uzbek)


Google Groups contains the entire archive of Usenet discussion groups dating back to 1981. Google's search feature enables users to access this wealth of information with the speed and efficiency of a Google web search, providing relevant results from a database containing more than 700 million posts. A list of newsgroups for Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union follows:




si.soc.slovene (no longer archived)


soc.culture.belarus (moderated)




soc.culture.turkish.moderated (moderated)




The Empire that Was Russia: The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated

Presses & Publishers

Academic International Press


Cambridge University Press

Columbia University Press

Cornell University Press

East View Publications

Greenwood Publishing Group

Harvard University Press

Indiana University Press

Oxford University Press

Oriental Research Partners

Panorama of Russia

Routledge Online

Russia Online, Inc.

Yale University Press

Related Associations/Organizations

Association for Slavic East European and Eurasian Studies

American Latvian Association
The American Latvian community's national representative organization founded in 1951 by Latvian World War II refugees escaping Soviet occupation of their homeland. A non-profit, tax exempt educational and cultural organization.

ALTA (American Literary Translators Association)
The ALTA national offices are located at the Center for Translation Studies. The organization was founded in 1978 to provide essential services to literary translators from all languages and to create a professional forum for the exchange of ideas on the art and craft of translation. Through annual conferences, newsletters, collaboration with other professional organizations and lobbying efforts, ALTA works to enhance the status of literary translation and to improve the market for the publication of works in English translation. Contact the ALTA office.

British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES)
An association to advance education for the public benefit in the United Kingdom in the humanities and the social sciences as they relate to the former Soviet Union and the countries of Eastern Europe

Bulgarian Studies Organization
A non-profit scholarly organization which promotes the study of and exchange of knowledge about all aspects of Bulgaria and Bulgarians: language, literature, culture, history, politics, economics and international relations.

Early Slavic Studies Association (ESSA)
A scholarly, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering closer worldwide communication among scholars interested in pre-eighteenth century Slavic studies; and to promoting the dissemination of scholarly information on early Slavic studies through the organization of meetings and conferences and through the Association's newsletter

International Committee of the Red Cross

International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC)
IWHC works to generate health and population policies, programs, and funding that promote and protect the rights and health of girls and women worldwide, particularly in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and countries in postsocialist transition.

Network of East-West Women (NEWW)
NEWW's mission is to empower women and girls throughout the East (Central and Eastern Europe, and NIS and the Russian Federation) and the West by dialogue, networking, campaigns, and educational and informational exchanges.

Russian Social Sciences and Humanities Network (RSSH)
The main purpose of this network is to provide help to researchers and teachers working in the fields of social and humanitarian science, through the use of electronic communications and new information technologies.

Scottish Society for Russian and East European Studies (SSREES)
Founded in 1994 and holds its annual conference each October in Glasgow. Membership is not limited to those working or researching in Scotland, rather it refers to the location of the Society and its conferences.

Social Science Research Council
An independent, nongovernmental, not-for-profit international organization that seeks to advance social science throughout the world and supports research, education and scholarly exchange on every continent

Russian Resources

Russian Alphabet in Russian Sign Language

St. Petersburg

Brodiacha kamera: Zametki o Sankt Peterburge i okrestnostiakh (Wandering Camera: Notes about St.-Petersburg and Its Suburbs)

Illustrated History of St. Petersburg, Russia

Study Abroad Programs

Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE)

School of Russian and Asian Studies


Russia’s Weather
Courtesy of the Russian HydroMet Center (Rosgidromet)