Status of Women in the Profession

As scholars interested in women’s and gender studies, we strive to follow the latest developments pertaining to gender equality in academia. Below you will find links to research articles pertaining to hiring, promotion and tenure, maternity leave, student evaluations, service obligations, research opportunities, and other issues that affect female academics.

We would be happy to add new research articles to our list.  Please send your recommendations to the email address listed under the Contact tab.



“Gender and Success in Academia” (2013)

“What Makes a Successful Academic Career in History” (2012)


“Gender Distribution of Advanced Degrees in the Humanities” (2017)

“Increasing the Share of Female Faculty within Humanities Departments: Does the Gender of University Leaders Matter” (2016)

“The Status of Women Faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Princeton University” (2005)

“Distribution of Humanities Faculty by Gender” (2015)

MLA/Languages & Literatures

“Standing Still: The Associate Professor Survey” (2009)

Committee on Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the Profession (2022)

Political Science

“Getting on the Board: The Presence of Women in Political Science Journal Editorial Positions” (2011)

“Women's Advancement in Political Science” (2006)


International Relations

“The Gender Citation Gap in International Relations” (2013)



“Gender Equity in Sociology Subfields” (2012)

“Gender in Early Stages of the Sociological Career” (2000)


General Higher Education

"Contingent Faculty and Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies: A Report by ASEEES Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession" (2017)

WIA Report

“Dancing Backwards in High Heels: Female Professors Experience More Work Demands and Special Favor Requests, Particularly from Academically Entitled Students” (2018)

“Gender Bias in Student Evaluations” (2018)

“Women in Academia: Quick Take” (2017)

“Faculty Service Loads and Gender: Are Women Taking Care of the Academic Family?” (2017)

“Global Gender Index” (2013)

“Female Faculty: Challenges and Choices in the United States and Beyond” (2008)

“Female Faculty as a Percentage of All Postsecondary Faculty” (2008)