Officers & Board

The 2023 Board has five officers and eleven board members (including two graduate student representatives). The Board listing below also includes ex-officio members and ad hoc members, such as the AATSEEL liaison.


President (email): Sara Dickinson, University of Genoa, Italy

Vice-President/President Elect: Michele Rivkin-Fish, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Past-President: Melissa Bokovoy, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Secretary: Jennifer Carroll, North Carolina State

Treasurer (email): Sara Ruiz, University of Michigan

Clerk: Valerie Sperling, Clark University

Investment Officer: Rochelle Ruthchild, Vermont College Emerita


AWSS-L Representative: Christine Worobec, Northern Illinois University

WEW Co-editors:  Emily Greble, Vanderbilt University and Kathryn Ciancia, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Facebook Moderator: Christine Worobec, Northern Illinois University

Website & Twitter Moderator: Melissa Bokovoy, University of New Mexico

2023 Board Members

Katia Bowers, University of British Columbia

Choi Chatterjee, California State University, Los Angeles

Yelena Furman, University of California, Los Angeles

Emily Greble, Vanderbilt University

Siobhán Hearne, Manchester University

Oksana Kis, Institute of Ethnology, Ukraine National Academy of Sciences

Sharon Kowalsky, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Laurie Stoff, Arizona State University

Jessica Zychowicz, Institute of International Education ∙ Kyiv Office     

Graduate Student Representatives

Fiona Bell, Yale University

Iryna Skubii, Queen's University

Liaisons & Committees – 2023

AATSEEL Liaison: Melissa Miller

ASEEES Diversity Liaison: Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon

AWSS Travel Grants: Tricia Starks (chair), Oksana Kis, Laura Schlosberg

Graduate Essay Prize Committee: Melissa Bokovoy (chair), Barbara Allen, Yelena Furman

Patricia Herlihy Graduate Research Prize Committee: Laurie Stoff (chair), Andrea Orzoff, Ania Switzer

Heldt Book Prize Committee: Michele Rivkin-Fish (chair), TBA

Heldt Article Prize Committee: Angela Brintlinger (chair), Ivan Simić, Chelsi West Ohueri, Abby Holekamp

Mary Zirin Prize Committee: Patrice Dabrowski (chair), Vanja Petricevic, TBA

Membership and Publicity Committee: Siobhán Hearne (chair), Emily Greble, Magda Moskalewicz

Mentoring committee: Karen Petrone (chair), Fiona Bell, Colleen Moore, Catherine Wanner,

Nominating committee: Choi Chatterjee (chair), Katherine Bowers, Iryna Skubii

Outstanding Achievement Award Committee: Sara Dickinson(chair),  Michele Rivkin-Fish (president-elect), Melissa Bokovoy (past-president)

Ad Hoc Finance Committee (pending by-law changes):  Sara Ruiz (Treasurer), Rochelle Ruthchild (Investment Officer), Sara Dickinson (President), Michele Rivkin-Fish (President-elect)