Outstanding Achievement Award

Call for Nominations, 2017 AWSS Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes the work of a scholar in the field of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies who has also served as a mentor to female students/colleagues in this field. To submit a nomination, please write a letter detailing what your candidate for this award has achieved in Slavic Studies in terms of scholarship or other professional accomplishment, as well as mentoring of female students/colleagues. In addition, please provide a short list of references with accompanying email addresses so that the committee can contact these referees directly for further information. The committee recommends that this list include both peers and students/staff. A list of past Outstanding Achievement Award recipients is available here.

Please email your letter and list by September 1, 2017, to Betsy Jones Hemenway (Chair) at: ehemenway@luc.edu; Paula Michaels at: paula.michaels@monash.edu; and Choi Chatterjee at: cchatte@calstatela.edu.

AWSS Outstanding Achievement Award 2016

The Association for Women in Slavic Studies is pleased to announce that Dr. Lisa Kirschenbaum is winner of the 2016 Outstanding Achievement Award. Dr. Kirschenbaum is Professor of History at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. An extraordinary scholar, whose distinguished record of continuous publication has set the highest standards in our field, Dr. Kirschenbaum is also a caring mentor, and a warm and generous colleague who has served both the ASEEES and the AWSS in numerous roles.

With little institutional support for research and all the while teaching eight courses a year, Dr. Kirschenbaum has published three monographs, one co-authored textbook, seven book chapters, and eight refereed journal articles. In the words of Dr. Deborah Field, "each of Lisa's books is highly original and each is very different from the others. However, all of her work shares certain qualities: thorough and imaginative research, integration of gender analysis, elegant prose, and a very humane concern with how individuals understand their role in history." Her first book, Small Comrades: Revolutionizing Childhood in Soviet Russia, 1917-1932 (2001), a history of childhood in the Soviet Union during the first two decades, was unusual and important in terms of subject matter. In her second book, The Legacy of the Siege of Leningrad, 1941-1995: Myth, Memories and Monuments (2009), Dr. Kirschenbaum approached the well-known historical terrain of the siege from a completely new angle. She analyzed the array of myths and memories, both official and unofficial, that this seminal event produced. Her third book and perhaps her finest, International Communism and the Spanish Civil War: Solidarity and Suspicion (2015), is a deeply nuanced exploration of everyday life and lived experiences in the transnational world of communism during the 1920s and 1930s.

While maintaining unparalleled scholarly productivity, Dr. Kirschenbaum is an outstanding professor to her students. We received numerous letters of commendation from her former and current students. She pushes her students to excel, to present their research at conferences, to compete for grants, to publish their research, and apply for jobs. Her fearlessness as a woman scholar has inspired many of her students. She has played a key role in sustaining the Women and Gender Studies Program at West Chester University. Dr. Kirschenbaum has also maintained a distinguished record of service to our field. She has served on the program committee for the annual conference of the ASEEES and on the Zelnik Book Prize committee. She was the co-editor of the AWSS newsletter along with Dr. Sally Boniece, and currently serves as the treasurer for our organization.

Finally, Dr. Kirschenbaum is also one of the most collegial members in our field. We received numerous letters from scholars who spoke about her intellectual generosity, unfailing good humor, unparalleled ability to sustain friendships, and her uncanny ability to meet deadlines even before they appeared on the horizon. AWSS is very proud to honor Dr. Kirschenbaum with the AWSS Outstanding Achievement Award for her exemplary scholarly record, her advocacy of women's and gender studies, and her generous and joyful mentorship of students and fellow scholars.

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